Sunday, 13 March 2011

A structure that serves to support something

So, I am thinking, in a between the bars waiting-in-for-a-new-fridge-freezer-to-be-delivered kind of way, that every Sunday will now see a five song mini-mix being presented in these here parts. It'll be a slightly more coherent and 'low-fat' version of what happens every now and then, when I can be fussed, over at 8tracks. I hope this is considered to be acceptable? And I promise the mixes won't all be so terribly twee. You sometimes have little choice in the kind of music you love though, eh? <3
Tiger Trap - 'Prettiest boy' (3.16)
Go Sailor - 'I'm still crying' (2.33)
Fat Tulips - 'Take me back to heaven' (1.07)
Free Loan Investments - 'Ronan Keating' (2.47)
Strawberry Story - 'Made of stone' (cover) (3.44)
I'd actively encourage you to buy anything and/or everything recorded by this great band. Alas, they were only around for a year or so but, woah, just the best sound. Really.

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