Sunday, 10 April 2011

A late walk home down London Road

It's just that time of year, I'm afraid, where marking essays, book reviews, portfolios and dissertations takes over my (working and not-working) life. Yesterday, for example, as the sun made a very rare appearance in Glasgow, I was a long-term resident in a friendly cafe for five hours wondering whether or not that really good paper was actually plagiarised or not (Google assured me it was not). So, I'm afraid, I literally have nothing of any interest to say except things like 'Actually, I think that one is 58% rather than 62%', 'Why has everyone written their dissertation on student drinking habits this year rather than football hooliganism?' and 'I need to mark this down, with a penalty applied, as you submitted your work two weeks late and being "busy at work", especially without a medical note, doesn't really cut the mustard'. And such related musings. All to myself. Sigh. Anyway, this is a wee Sunday compilation, as is becoming a certain habit around these digitalised parts, and I hope you like it, or at least bits of it. If nothing else it starts - and ends - in a fairly uplifting and depressing kind of way. Equally so, as it is all about balance, I reckon. And why change the habit of a lifetime?
The Field Mice - 'This is not here' (live) (5.42)
The Rosaries - 'Leaving' (4.04)
Jeniferever - 'Lives apart' (6.53)
The Wedding Present - 'Bewitched' (KEXP session) (6.15)
Steve Adey - 'I see a darkness' (cover) (4.41)
Worth visiting, buying and watching. Cannae wait. This is also unmissable, but only in a retrospective and/or time-travel type of way. Weep.


  1. I've just spent the best day of the year so far cleaning up Max's cowp but have the reward of a really good meal at my favourite Bangladeshi restaurant to look forward to.

    Don't know what your moaning about Colin, that's why you get paid that huge salary!

  2. THUD... and with that comment my awful self-pity trip is ended, suddenly. Thanks Drew. Good word cowp. I always spelt it with a 'u' though. 'Midden' is also useful in this context. Hope you had a nice meal - and how were ATE?

  3. ATE were very good, Qm not my favourite venue. The support, Aerials Up, local band were great even though they all looked about fourteen, check them out I think that you would enjoy them.
    The new material from ATE just as good as the stuff on the first album, really looking forward to a week on Monday when it comes out. Highlights, most of it but a very powerful version of Innocence and Missy was outstanding but no stage invasion a la The Wah Wah Hut but Anna and Mikel were in the crowd.
    My niece and her boyfriend were there, not with us didn't want to be seen with the old fogeys I suspect. I saw them lurking about the stage as we left. Lynn told me the next day that there were pictures of S and Mikel all over her Facebook page.

  4. Will check out that support band, for sure. Thanks for the tip. I think 14 is the new 26.

    And, you know, I don't mean to be all Frankie Boyle, but your niece is a ATE groupie?

    (I'm just jealous, though at the King Tut's gig I did get a big hug fae Anna Bulbrook)