Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What does the word 'soon' mean to you, exactly?

As I have often said, loudly, openly, soberly and without any kind of shame, the absolute very best music comes from Scandanavia these days. Especially Sweden. Bear Pilot, once more, prove the point and then sitback on the ninety three moveable parts Ikea sofa in a non-smug manner and whisper quietly to the adoring crowd, 'See, told you so'. This is simply amazing and well worth a listen when you decide to have a nice cup of tea and a sit down. So go see them without delay! And, a big thank-you to Kristian et al, for the pleasure was all mine in the most wonderful way. Lycka till kamrater!
You can visit Bear Pilot here and download some further songs. Bear Pilot's blog is cosy. Also, do watch this video - fairly awesome in a drive-in bingo kind of way! <3


  1. colin

    did bear pilot learn their english from roddie woomble i closed my eyes and thought it was he chilling out

    nice though thanks

    son of the rock