Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cup and thistle, to sit in

Ah went tae thon Tinderbox
Intendin' tae mind agane
Oor times th' gither and dig up
Mah joy, but
Ye jist vanished, eh
From the top of mah
Cracked coffee cup,
As ah wee prickly thistle
Voice of the Beehive - 'Beat of love' (4.06)
With sincere apologies to Nizar Qabbani. A heartbreaking story of love, betrayal and inauthentic beehives can be found here. Buy this and enjoy the (genuine) memories.


  1. dont tell me you perfectly re-arranged the sugar dispensers to take that splendid photo....

  2. I swear this is exactly how it was, nothing staged or moved. I just tilted the camera to find the angle. No sugar dispensers were harmed... etc.