Thursday, 9 June 2011

It's a pillow soft for my neck

'I'm going South
To feed the animals
I'm going South
Become elephantine'
Sometimes, just sometimes, it has to be this short and simple (not to mention sweet?). It's etched into a multi-coloured finer detail, just like the 'sharpened tusks' that Patrick mentions in his piano-driven words; the inviting sign hanging perilously above you, triggering a welcome memory from a life you had done your very best to forget and put down to, well, 'experience'. And, for the likes of us, the memory will obviously relate to a person, a place and, most importantly, a song... and what follows, as you step out from under that swinging trumpeting shadow, is a chorus sung out loudly and with much gusto, to all passing strangers, as you make your way down the road smiling to anyone and everything
that catches your leaking eyes.
Kitchens of Distinction - 'Elephantiny' (2.44)
Give thanks to the magic, shimmering and all, located in that Platonic cave, on the moon (and I still WANT that shirt off Julian's back, quite literally).

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